Monday, July 30, 2012

The best gift ever!

Today is my youngest daughter's birthday. She's the BIG 3. I didn't get much sleep last night but what I did get was great and I was able to get up this morning before anyone and after a short prayer time had a cup of coffee and made cupcakes and waffles( decorated like Dora) with bacon and hash browns. I got all the party supplies ready to go out the door.I did almost all of the dishes before breakfast and managed to get all the dishes done after breakfast too.I even found my bar and cleaned it. It's actuallly still there! I have alot going this morning on but don't feel overwhelmed and I haven't even taken anything this morning! We just got showers and baths and I think everyone should be getting dressed as I type. Today I feel normal!!! I feel like ME! After a little chaoas and a lot of guilt we finally left the house( leaving stickly reminders for everything Daddy was supposed to bring) and made it to Nanny's and got everything decorated and cooked some hotdogs. I was feeling a bit down and hard on mysellf for letting my problems get into the birthday party that she is deserving off. It turned out great though. We had us, including Daddy for a few hours, and couple cousins, an uncle and a great aunt! The kids played and enjoyed the decotations and she didn't even notice that she get as many gifts as others usualy get. She is such a precius child. She didn't care. She was more than happy with her purse, make up, and play jewrly. We stayed all day and finished the day off with supper and some Dora on Nick Jr. I walked in the door once we all got settled, I noticed my stickies had been replaced with more stickies.... "The kitchen looks great." on the kitchen window "Thank you for the coffee" on the coffee pot and "I love you so very much" on the fridge! MY heart swooned!!!!! It was night and the kids did not want to go to bed, I needed those little pick me ups!
Monday July 30 2012 Today has been a little more difficult. I think the kids are on a sugar rush and I am trying to take advantage of this new found energy and I keep getting lost as to what I need to do... Maybe I never learned the one step process as a child. You know where you tell the child to do this, then the chld comes back and THEN you tell them to do something else... I am running in a 1000 directions all while trying to get the kids ti simply clean their room without having to raise my voice! I wish I could say that it's going great but it's not! I must stand firm though, I gave everyone a small break to get a snack and drink and then we'llhit it hard in a few minutes. It also gave me time to write some of this and calm myself. One day at a time! Even if one day seens a step backwards its still another day which equals another step. Its those backwards days that teach us how to keep moving foward. God Bles!

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