Monday, August 6, 2012

Crash and Burn

WOW, It's been a busy weekend. School is quickly appproaching for my oldest so all the must do's have been keeping me busy! Good, I suppose but the "crash" feelings are always so hard for me to deal with... Crash feelings is what I call that adrenaline crash where I can go and go and go and feel fine as long as I stay busy but then once all the commotion stops, I crash. Those jitters come on, My head starts to hurts and my heart races and I feel like shutting down. That makes getting anything around the house done very difficult which makes me feel worse about who I am as a Mom and wife and instead of doing something about it, I crawl in bed and just avoid it all. UGH... The cycle is never ending. Tonight as soon as the kids go to sleep, I'm going to try to do something about it because sleep isn't happening, even with the medicine I am on! We'll see how it goes because I have piles of laundry and so many dishes, I am not sure if I have any clean. All weekend has been come in drop stuff off eat and off again. I am somewhat excited about Brooke going back to school but upset that I let my emotional wreck get in the way of enrolling Eli. MAybe its not to late! Well I am ranbling and that is not the point of this.

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